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    在日常生活中,细菌是个危海人体健康的大问题,各界都在想方设法地攻破抗菌难题,富美家生产树脂洁菌板是一款由高强度抗菌树脂面层和高密度无机不燃基层经过特殊工艺高压而成,具备有超强抗菌姓能,环保 环保E1级、不渗透、易清洁、防腐防潮等特性。
    In daily life, bacteria are a major problem that endangers human health at sea. All walks of life are trying to overcome the antibacterial problem. Fumeijia's resin bacteria cleaning plate is made of high-strength antibacterial resin surface layer and high-density inorganic incombustible base layer through special process and high pressure, with ultra-strong antibacterial properties, environmental protection, E1 level, impermeable, easy to clean, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof characteristics.
    Due to the environmentally friendly resin used as the raw material for the resin bacteria cleaning plate, the resin has strong toughness, which can ensure that the internal plate of the building will not cause sharp edges and corners due to the surface layer cracking caused by vibration in the event of an earthquake, and can greatly ensure personnel safety. Its safety performance is safer than that of the oversized wall panel materials on the market.
    The resin bacteria cleaning board also has a non combustible property. Due to the use of high-density inorganic non combustible materials as the base layer, the overall fire resistance performance of the wall panel has been greatly improved, and the fire prevention bucket has been hit to B1 level, which can effectively reduce indoor losses in the event of a fire. It is mainly used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, laboratories, purification workshops, and other places.
    Progress management: This method shortens the construction period of wall drywall hanging, reducing the construction cycle for the entire project production schedule.
    Quality standards: The technical regulations and standards of the country, industry, and enterprise that the construction method should follow, and the quality requirements for key parts and processes should be listed, as well as the main measures to achieve quality.
    Benefit analysis: Comprehensive analysis has been conducted to reduce the consumption of materials, labor hours, costs, and expenses, saving 733000 yuan in project costs.
    This construction method can be applied to the construction of partitions, partitions, and decorative walls for similar facilities in public spaces.
    墙面抗倍特板胶粘安装法施工工法 抗倍特板是一种高温高压装饰板,具有防水、抗老化、耐腐蚀、易清洗待特点,特别适用于洁净度要求较高的医院、实验室及写字楼等中高档室内墙体装修。抗倍特板主要施工方法为干挂法,利用固定于墙面的铝合金方管做为龙骨,将抗倍特板用干挂固定于龙骨上,形成终装饰完成面。
    The construction method of adhesive installation of wall anti magnification panel is a kind of high temperature and high pressure decorative panel, which is waterproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and is especially suitable for the decoration of middle and high grade indoor walls in hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, etc. with high cleanliness requirements. The main construction method of the anti magnification plate is the dry hanging method. The aluminum alloy square tube fixed to the wall is used as the keel, and the anti magnification plate is fixed to the keel by dry hanging to form the final decorative finish.







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