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    The English name of Sallite Surface (SurfaceElegance) refers to the elegant and beautiful surface. Colorite is mainly composed of resin, aluminum hydroxide, color masterbatch and crushed stone particles. Since Fumeijia introduced this material into the domestic market early in the 1980s, the market referred to this solid surface material as the color marble.
    Colorite is a good building material., It is made of natural ore powder, polyester resin, color masterbatch, etc., and is made of hairless, fine and transparent surface material. It is seamless and has unlimited ductility. It has fire prevention, wear resistance, low water absorption, antibacterial and antifouling quality characteristics.
    There are also gorgeous colors, hairless pores, the elegance of natural marble and the hardness of granite, as well as the fineness of wood, warmth and ceramic-like smoothness. The seams are tight and even seamless, and the lines are round and smooth, which can make any shape. It is widely used, especially for tasteful space, such as flow desk, reception counter, washtop, etc.
    There are no pores on the surface, and oil stains cannot penetrate into the interior, avoiding the "visible black spots that cannot be wiped out" of natural stone. Easy to clean: the oil stain on the surface can be removed by gently wiping with detergent or Baijie. Non-toxicity: Instrument-grade raw materials are non-toxic, odorless and non-radioactive.
    After high temperature treatment, the surface can withstand 280-550 ℃ without burning. Not afraid of water: the whole body is made of a material that is not afraid of blisters, water absorption and decay. Easy processing: ordinary woodworking machines and tools can process various shapes, easy to splice, and seamless interface.
    If it is scratched accidentally, it can be lightly polished with 600 # fine sand, and then polished, that is, it is as clean as new. Durability: acid and alkali resistant, durable, never deteriorating. Noble and elegant: it has the natural texture of jade, marble and granite, and the overall sense of overall casting, which fully shows the noble, luxurious and elegant taste of the host.
    The color is uniform, and the popular color of modern home has everything. After several years of use, local color change and local small deformation will occur. Marble is natural stone with few colors, and it will have a little radiation before it can be used normally. It is a new type of polymer material, which is made from high temperature recrystallization of polymer materials and natural materials. Come to our website if you need // Ask!







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